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How do I always forget about LJ?


I think I need to download a 3rd party program to post updates too... I keep forgetting to update this damn thing and an Icon on my Desktop when I quit all my games for the night would be a great reminder. Been busy testing the waters on several different games recently and I think I have limited it all down to 3 games. 1 MMO, 1 PvP, 1 creative game.

MMO = FFXIV. After testing, Aion, Rift, WoW (again), FFXIV, City of Heroes and some other free MMO's, I think I have decided that FFXIV suits the type of gaming that I want. It's also still a 'fresh' game in that they haven't fully loaded up the content and its very reminescent of FFXI for me which is what I have been wanting. All other MMO's are getting subscriptions cancelled - I'll keep the accounts but can't guarantee I will be playing them. I am still Switch Stix on Trabia server. =)

PvP = League of Legends. Why? It's Free. It's awesome. So many people I know play this game. It lets me fill that PvP/I wanna own something in the face urge. :)

Creative = Minecraft. I can play minecraft for 30 minutes of 3 hours and still get so much accomplished. It lets me feed my creative side by going in and doing whatever the fuck I want. There are not many other games that allow the freedom of imagination like Minecraft does.

Between these three games it should feed all of my gaming addictions haha. I will probably drop League of Legends for when Diablo 3 comes out but that is probably still a ways off and I have no intention to play in the Beta. I want to be a noob on release ^^;

This weekend, my todo list:
- Laundry
- Reformat computer (yea... I fucked up my windows 7 install and now it knows its not registered.. D: damn sneaky MS updates)
- Install FFXIV, LoL, Minecraft
- Clean room and make it gaming ready again =P