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Jordan is his name.
Saw him again on the bus but its a weird distant type of thing...  I can only see him in the morning and it goes by all too fast for me and its weird because its the most bazaar rule I've ever heard of.  Going to ask him out next time I see him because its too weird only being able to see someone in the morning.

Did anyone watch the last season of Flipping Out?  I love it... I wish I could work for him >_>;

Also I try to play WHM but all I get are retarded parties and no exp and I can't solo and yea...  This is where I miss the aspect of WoW that allowed me to solo and play at my own pace.  Thinking of saying screw WHM and only leveling RDM to 37 and BLM to 75 soloing all the way on gob pets.




Wow > Final Fantasy... you should reroll on wow again. Maybe a horde toon on illidan server.

Re: :(

I might get lucky and pick up a friends lv75 toon on ffxi so if that happens i will prob never go back to wow.