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woooo internet!

So today I am riding the bus to work and at my last transfer there is this boy and I notice him and he notices me and we both just meet eyes, smile and look away... We both get on the bus and he sits in the back but there are no other seats back there so I sit up front, I look behind me at every stop and he is there looking back at me. So finally after people start clearing out I move back to the back of the bus behind him and he sits there pretending to read a book and and he keeps looking at me and then back at his book and then back to me and I keep looking out the window and then back at him and we both smile everytime we meet. Finally he comes to the back row with me and I ask him for a pen, give him my bus pass with my name and number asking him to call me. After some small talk turns we both get off on the same bus stop, he works like just up the street from where I do. Since he works right near the stop and I have to walk another 3/4 mile he asks me if he can walk with me for a bit. I said it was fine and then we get down about a 1/4 of a mile from the main road and he stops and we just look at each other and smile and then he goes in to kiss me and we sit there on the side of the road making out for 10 minutes or so and then we both went to work and omg I so hope he calls me :o
He was so cute... and he likes kissing ^^
Signs that your going to have a good day: See Above.

Posted on BG too lol...
As of right now no call back so I its boo for me ><



jk lol


Hope things work out :)
As of right now I really do feel like a slut... he hasnt called i got played :(
Awwww...I was only kidding :( Sorry, he hasn't called. Guys can be jerks! and worse! Trust me, I know. If he doesn't call, he doesn't deserve you imo. <3
whoah dude i had no idea.



whats your number? (j/k!)