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Looking back :o

OK, so one of the things I've been asked a lot is when did I know I was gay...
I always tell people that I have just pretty much always known... There was no real start time

It's interesting though.. I'm packing my stuff out of my house and I found a very old journal I kept from 1993 I think I was in third or fourth grade then...

Interesting.... I think the topic was someone important in our lives...
Here is what I wrote:

"The most interesting person I ever met was Matthew.  Mathew likes red and blue like me and we both like his mom apple pie.  The next thing Mathew likes is four-square we play at recess all the time.  Better than all that, Mathew likes me!  Matthew has brown hair and brown eyes and is always nice to me.  I like Matthew too."

My teachers response on the page:
"Bryan, where do you know Matthew from?  Come see me at lunch please"   with a  '~'  face underneath.

I don't remember what ever became of this thing but its interesting looking back....


Haha...funny...my first crush's name was Matthew ^^;

...give me back my name! D: even if you do spell it weird with the Y~

-Brian :)
haha :P
I have 2 crushes right now and both are out of reach :(
That sucks =[

i'm crushless and i love it.