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Aug. 28th, 2007


so the day before i move out my car i am using gets broken into... i lost ~200CD's; $75; my garage door opener; and some of my A&F clothes along with my board shorts.........................................................

fucking bullshit.

Aug. 27th, 2007


"...-lustophobia- that's an illness, and which causes us to hate ourselves.  I want you to love your lust, because loving your lust is an important part of loving yourself."
---Peter Ian Cummings
Love this quote...
The new XY Magazine (http://www.xy.com) just came out with their 10 Year Anniversery Magazine.  300 Pages of their best photos from the past 10 years.  I highly recommend getting it.  I'll do some scans after I move in...
Which by the way.... I got a new place for sure
I move in on Wednesday... Its a 1Bedroom off the 805 down in North Park :)   (Map) <-will fix link in morning
For the next half a month though I will have -0- car transportation and I will be reduced to taking City transit making my days start at 5AM and I would be getting home around 10PM on a normal work day....
Basically I get no life for the next half a month (Till prob around the 20th of Sept ><)
Back to playing FFXI in a corner and not spending any money that I make and going to Vons after 9PM and buying 2 loafs of garlic bread for $1.50 :D
I will get pics too.. i changed my hair style :O
I think it will look good but I need to do some high maintenance work to it such as getting a flat iron and straightening it to be the most straight it could possible be and then getting the Pomade to mold my hair the right way...
I'll take pic's and put them on MySpace and I might make one into an avatar for LJ :)
Untill Next Time~~~~~


Aug. 15th, 2007

(no subject)


Took me long enough... But not doing too bad in the long run.  Next to do is get RDM to 20 and get SJ Unlocked.  Then take WHM and BLM to 37.  Then RDM to 75.
I know I should do DRK Sub but I'm not going to worry about DRK Sub since my main will be NIN75 once I get that.
I will get it someday but not now... Small Update :)

Aug. 9th, 2007


So in 1 Day I did what could never do in 2.5 years of ffxi
Helllloooooo JP FFXI!

Aug. 1st, 2007

(no subject)

Bah I'm bored.
Changed LJ Layout
Made Hamburgers for myself
Watched TV
Defragged Comp
Uninstalled all useless shit (See: WoW)
Got a new dsktop background
watched a really cute movie

man i feel lazy and god does it feel good yet so boring.
PS new desktop Image is fucking HOT.  Feel free to use lol...

*Too large to put entire thing on journal so use link.
*Shirtless boy... Gay Warning.

Jul. 27th, 2007

(no subject)

I just found a mother fucking steal of a deal.
Studio Apt for $675 in Hillcrest.
That is fucking awesome.
Right next to all the bars I go to and next to all my friends and 10 minutes away from work.
Only problem is I don;t have any money right now because I just paid all my bills and my traffic shit and I would still need a new car to get around in.
I know that place will get taken up in a heartbeat... so hoping I have at least 30 days.  They have 2 spots open.
h yeah for fun... i'm starting up FFXI again, taking my time and not rushing.  but I won't be buying the game untill next payday. Hopefully I will be close to 75 when the new expansion comes out.  One of my main reasons for coming back is that SE has handled the RMT situation very well as of recently.
Also after not playing for almost 2 years there will be a novelty factor to the game again.
Taru Male BLM. Short. Gray Hair. Same as Virii was. :)
Shawn's roomate (who rents the appt he lives in) got evicted so hes moving and is busy and with me working I prob won't see him for a few days now so I have all this time and nothing to do other than troll forums or watch tv.

Jul. 26th, 2007

(no subject)

Here's the picture update I promised:

Jul. 18th, 2007

(no subject)

If you are like me and haven't seen Fight Club in over a month, do yourself a favor.

Watch It.

The Ending Credit Song (a personal favorite): Where is my Mind - The Pixies.

Shawn didn't call me today :( fucker needs to get himself a new phone lol
I'll call his friend up tomorrow I guess; He is like me... horrible memory :D

(no subject)

PS: Rich is being a lamer and hasn't called me back.  If he wants to be my friend awesome, but thats all we will ever be because I don't think I can handle someone who is so out of touch.

Shawn is such a fucking awesome guy!!

2 Nights ago we had I guess a first date re-do.  We met up at a bar, had few drinks real fast then went to grab some dinner then walked around a bit and went to another bar for a few more drinks and to talk.  Then instead of going home he took us to a park that looks over the city and is very nice with lots of fountains :)  thats a long story short and I'm leaving it like that for now, but don't get any ideas, because nothing happened and I'm glad nothing happened.  Feels like a real relationship developing verses another chapter in a sex novel.

Jul. 14th, 2007

(no subject)

Real Life Update!
AKA: Drama.

Where to start... First lets make a list for me to work off of:
Where I stand.

First things first, Rich, out of the blue, 1 week ago called me up and was like hey I'm back from out of town and wanted to go hang out with me... mind you he called me at 9:30PM and wants me to come over right then lol.  Not that I really minded that much, I was actually pretty excited and so I said yes, I ended up at his house and were just drinking beers and watching TV.  Was an extremely enjoyable night.  Nothing happened at all.  Was nice to have a night were I could just hang out and connect with someone.  Anyways so the next day I call him back and thank him for letting me come over and said I had a great time and then the next day he texts me saying that he wants me to come over again on Wednesday.  I was supposed to call him when I got off work to make sure that it was still ok to go over, and thats what I did... but he didn't answer.  I tried again an hour later and still no answer... finally at 11:30PM I get a text from him saying that some friend of his from out of town came to visit him and that we probably won't be able to hang out tonight (Well no shit since its almost midnight already).  I didn't respond to the text till the next morning and just said that it was cool and I don't mind and that I wanted him to call me and see what he was doing and maybe hang out the next night.  No Reply.  Waited till that night, called, no reply.  Waited till next day at lunch (~1:30PM) called again, no reply.  Now personally I am one of these people that starts to get worried when I haven't heard or seen someone in a while.. I mean if I get a status update from a friend (oh yeah me and rich hung out last night) I don't freak out, but when I hear nothing at all I start to get worried.  Anyways I was making myself go crazy thinking about why he hadn't called and so I made an executive decision that I was going out to the bars solo to get drunk and hopefully forget about him for a while.  Plan worked perfectly... maybe too well though.  I ended up meeting another guy named Shawn at the bar that I went to.  He was very sweet and very cute and I was very drunk... anyways I flirted the night away with Shawn (who could be a porn star with his body...) and turns out he used to work at the bar before and was getting us hooked up with free drinks most of the night.  We moved out to the back patio and continued our conversation.. was pretty much small talk until the patio closed in which case we decided to leave (and I, being a retard, left my open tab at the bar again... I don't think I should do open tabs anymore) and we walked down aways, past Rich's from Mo's... that about 1.5Miles lol... then we decided to take a cab to his friends bar (why we decided this after walking so far away I have no idea) but then we get to this place called Cheers.  Was a very small but awesome bar.  I started getting really flirty with Shawn and between all the shots ended up having a quick make-out session with Shawn along with way too much touching.  Part of that touching though could not be helped... his body was seriously... I cannot get over it.  But anyways around 1AM low and behold guess who finally decides to call me, Rich.  Rich was like where are you and I told him that I was down at Cheers and it turns out that Rich is a frequent at the bar there and he said he wanted to come down... so I said it was ok but then had to go back into Shawn and tell him that my boy who I was kinda reserved for is coming down.  He was sad about it and I was too because he was saying that he really liked me and thought I was very cute and he was hoping he would have been able to ask me out on a second date ><  Which made me feel bad because in a way I ruined his night if he was hunting.  I am still happy though in a very selfish manner about that though because I am glad I got the chance to meet him.  Fucking amazing body and very funny.  Not very many guys openly admit that they are pretty and and don't know how to spell. :P  He gets kudos for being truthful.  So I gave him my number and asked him to call me and what not.  We both decided that we would like to remain friends at the very least for now.  So we went outside and waited for Rich, as he shows up he didn't even recognize me waiting at the door? but whatever I was happy to see him.  I introduced Shawn and Rich to each other and we went back inside to get more drinks.  As the night went on we had fun playing darts and talking and being loud lol.  Around closing time for the bar Shawn took off because he had to work the next day.  Me and Rich stayed behind, and since Rich knew the bartender/owner of Cheers he let us stay in after hours and grab more drinks.  Then later on the Budweiser girl by (lol i love her to death.. fucking beautiful and funny and she loves gays) and we just chatted up the night away until about 4AM.  We covered everything from Pride, Politics, Abortion,  etc etc etc...  I signed up to help with SD Pride since the manager actually is in charge of it or at least part of it.  At 4:00AM I drove Rich and I back to his place in his jeep and we ate some ravioli and watched a movie till we passed out.  When we woke up we moved to the bed so that we wouldn't be so friggin cold.  But when I woke up he had left the bed and went back to the couch... I was a little thrown off because he had no problem sleeping next to me on Monday.  Anyways then I woke him up at 8:30AM to go grab my truck because I didn't want to get towed away.  He seemed a bit complacent to go but agreed.  We got back to the Cheers area and I was like my truck is down by Moes and he made some comment about how far away that was from where we were, so I offered to grab him some gas for payment and he declined :/  then I pointed out where the truck was and then he dropped me off but when I got out there was no hug, no kiss, no I'll call you later, just a later dude type of thing.  So thats been eating me up really bad today... Not sure what was eating at him or he was just tired but I wish I knew where we stood because I will be honest.  If I knew that me and Rich were just going to stay real good friends than I would have so continued to have fun with Shawn, but instead I didn't want to fuck anything I had going on with Rich so I killed it before it got out of hand.  Well I called Rich in the afternoon when I woke up and apologized saying that if I was an ass or said something stupid that it was the alcohol speaking and not me.  Well here we go again... no reply.  I am wondering if I will get a call back from him anytime soon.  In the mean time Shawn called me tonight and we are going to go grab coffee tomorrow sometime.
Thats Rant #1.
Rant #2: RayVon is leaving to go back to Michigan because he can't afford the cost of living with him his daughter and his wife out here.  I offered to move into an apartment with him but he wanted to move the wife in too and I said I won't move in with her since he is gay and he needs to bite that problem in the ass and just get a divorce and live his own life.  He seems to think he is doing what is right for his daughter but I explained that its going to make it harder and harder for him to live a normal life if he keeps hiding... but what do I know, right?
Tanya and I are in this almost falling out phase it seems.  We don't talk much at all it seems and she doesn't like Rich or support me in trying to date him so we just kinda avoid each other right now.
Amando has been a fucking god send to me recently with all my new problems.  I keep going to him for advice on what I should do.  I would like to thank him for that.  It's nice knowing that you always have someone there you call up and grab a cup of coffee and go talk about our shitty lives.

The main concern for me right now is where I stand.  I want to know where I stand with Rich and if we are going to just be friends or if we are going to try and make a relationship out of this because shit last night should not be happening if we are in a serious relationship.  It seems like Rich doesn't like me all that much because of the fact that he never calls or talks to me except when he seems bored or has nothing better to do yet in his messages he says stuff like I want to see you again real soon.  I am not sure how to interpret his actions.  Any other person I would assume they didn't want to hang with me but he says that I want to see you again stuff so I am not sure which it is...  Then when opportunity comes knocking by (See last night: Shawn) I have to turn it down because I don't know where I am going...  I am hoping to be able to talk with Rich about it before he leaves... he leaves on the 27th of this month to go to Austria so we will see what happens.  I enjoy Rich a lot but I don't enjoy being a back burner use when you get bored boyfriend.
New shift starts tomorrow: 8AM-12PM 4PM-8PM Wed/Thurs Off.
Shitty as ever but I guess I have no choice in the matter at this point.

WoW Update: Still haven't downed Gruul. Too busy in real life it seems to be able to be a hardcore gamer... I am thinking that the time for me to decide if online games are right for will be coming up in the near future.

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