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At long last....

Holy shit?  Whats this?  Switchstix has returned?!

That's right.  In an effort to start documenting all my gaming experiences again, I have decided to make the move back to gaming and LJ :)
Gonna take some time to get everything fixed up just right but this should be the home of some pretty epic adventures.

Right now I am on an Aion spree with a friend of mine.  We are leveling up once character to max (I think?) but when we get tired, I will be making the move back to FFXIV since its free.  I will then play that probably 100% of the time since its now finally starting to look like FFXI was in terms of gameplay. :)

Here's some pics of my toon in aion ;D
I'll need to re-obtain a copy of Photoshop so that I can start editing and then also redownload FRAPS.