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Jun. 29th, 2011

How do I always forget about LJ?


I think I need to download a 3rd party program to post updates too... I keep forgetting to update this damn thing and an Icon on my Desktop when I quit all my games for the night would be a great reminder. Been busy testing the waters on several different games recently and I think I have limited it all down to 3 games. 1 MMO, 1 PvP, 1 creative game.

MMO = FFXIV. After testing, Aion, Rift, WoW (again), FFXIV, City of Heroes and some other free MMO's, I think I have decided that FFXIV suits the type of gaming that I want. It's also still a 'fresh' game in that they haven't fully loaded up the content and its very reminescent of FFXI for me which is what I have been wanting. All other MMO's are getting subscriptions cancelled - I'll keep the accounts but can't guarantee I will be playing them. I am still Switch Stix on Trabia server. =)

PvP = League of Legends. Why? It's Free. It's awesome. So many people I know play this game. It lets me fill that PvP/I wanna own something in the face urge. :)

Creative = Minecraft. I can play minecraft for 30 minutes of 3 hours and still get so much accomplished. It lets me feed my creative side by going in and doing whatever the fuck I want. There are not many other games that allow the freedom of imagination like Minecraft does.

Between these three games it should feed all of my gaming addictions haha. I will probably drop League of Legends for when Diablo 3 comes out but that is probably still a ways off and I have no intention to play in the Beta. I want to be a noob on release ^^;

This weekend, my todo list:
- Laundry
- Reformat computer (yea... I fucked up my windows 7 install and now it knows its not registered.. D: damn sneaky MS updates)
- Install FFXIV, LoL, Minecraft
- Clean room and make it gaming ready again =P

Apr. 23rd, 2011

At long last....

Holy shit?  Whats this?  Switchstix has returned?!

That's right.  In an effort to start documenting all my gaming experiences again, I have decided to make the move back to gaming and LJ :)
Gonna take some time to get everything fixed up just right but this should be the home of some pretty epic adventures.

Right now I am on an Aion spree with a friend of mine.  We are leveling up once character to max (I think?) but when we get tired, I will be making the move back to FFXIV since its free.  I will then play that probably 100% of the time since its now finally starting to look like FFXI was in terms of gameplay. :)

Here's some pics of my toon in aion ;D
I'll need to re-obtain a copy of Photoshop so that I can start editing and then also redownload FRAPS.

Oct. 16th, 2007

New Domain


where all my new stuff will get moved to.  Tired of being confined to LJ (Which I can't get into at work.)

Oct. 15th, 2007

(no subject)

SO!  Long time no update right?!

It really has been a long time and I'm sorry.  Been very very very busy in real life and work.  I am finally situated and used to my living arrangements and getting up at 5:30 and getting home at 10:00pm... it sucks but its life.  Still haven't been able to get a car yet.  Was planning on it this month but then I got a call from my student loan company saying that I haven't paid the loan in almost 2 months (Which I hadn't...) and so I had to drop almost $700 down on the loan and then rent came right after ($800) and so there went a hefty chuck right there >_<

Then since I am going to the fan festival for FFXI I have to pay for transportation up there (Train - Amtrak baby! traveling in style lol) and then have to fork out money for a hotel room which is a nightmare because the convention is in Anaheim (Right next to Disneyland for those who don't know where that is) and right now with the 'discounted rate' for going to the convention I am looking at $165/night for a 1bed room.  I think I am going to be staying a mile away in the Motel6 for $70/night (which is still fucking expensive as shit for a 1 bed room -_-) and then I have to pay for food as well which is probably twice the price it is normally due to the area being a fucking tourist attraction.  They are doing something like a 'Mercenary Program' for people that actually want to help with the event.  I was thinking about it but I would rather be able to be free to do whatever I want to do when I am up there.  The plus side to helping is that they let you in for free (you save $85 which I have already paid and I doubt they would refund me which means that I would probably take a friend but then if I was up there with a friend I would want them to help too so that I am not bored out of my mind and thus still negating the $85 I paid...  ANYWAYS!  I am actually looking forward to it.  Couple co-workers are going but we are all doing are own thing.  We will probably hang out at the convention together but outside of that I don't think we will hang out (rather I don't want to hang out with some of them... they are just plain scary LOL.)

With the dwindling down of my funds for my car and the convention and the vacation I wanted to take at New Years I am not sure how I am going to be able to afford a car let alone more furniture for my apartment.  I am debating about what I should do... Do I cancel the vacation plans and save the money (I still get the time off just won't leave San Diego like I wanted to for new years) and get a car this year or do I keep my vacation plans and make myself suffer without a car.  As I stated above my schedule without a car is a 5:30AM to 10:00PM day.  With a car my day is 7:30AM to 8:15PM roughly.  Much more manageable.  I don't know what to do... I know I -want- to cancel my vacation plans and just save money for a car but then at the same time I -want- to go see Kenny and Christine in San Fran.  I think I will decide for sure before the end of the month.

So what else is new... Hmmm... how about from the guy that -HATES- fish/seafood/anything that even resembles or smells like fish is now addicted to sushi.  When I was drunk my friend Lukas took me to Ichiban on the Rocks.  A sushi restaurant... had some Tuna sushi with Pumpkin Tempura (sp?) and I was like holy shit this is good.  I am heavily addicted to Spicy Tuna Rolls with lots of wasabi and a Sprite :)  Best discovery of my life.  Then the other night I was so drunk that I ate a taco and it had shrimp in it.. I thought it tasted like shit (probably because it was shitty fake shrimp is my guess) but still managed to eat it.

As far as relationships and what not are going for me... I think I was like a little kid in a candy store the last time I posted on here and was all over any guy that came onto me for some reason.  Now I just like to fuck with their heads and have decided that I am looking for friends and nothing else.  If something comes out of that friendship then ya we will go from there.  I am not counting out random sex though because I think I would go fucking crazy but it will be just that... sex.  No being needy and thinking I want something more than the one night.  I feel kind of like a slut saying that but its the true >_>  Sex = Win for the night    Sex =/= Relationships.  Also I don't go looking for the sex either... if it comes to me then ok.  But I am not some sex crazed bitch or anything LOL.  As far as all those guys I've mentioned...

Shawn - won't talk to me at all.  I have missed him by a few minutes in some bars according to my friends but it's probably a good thing because he is only ever seen with other little twinkies.

Rich - Seen him a couple of time in Cheers and I would actually still date him if he wasn't so unreachable.  He talks about wanting to take me out again and what not and I'm like well call me and we can make a date but it never happens and then the next time he sees me he gets excited and ya... its weird.

Lukas - Friends.  I made it clear that I don't want anything more than friendship with him and that it was not him but it was me.  I was not into him like that.  We are going to the J-Lo concert next Wednesday as a birthday present for me.

Jordan - Never heard from that fucker ever again... never on the bus or trolley anymore... not sure what happened with him but whatever.  Was definitely very cute and I liked how bold he was but whatever.

Alex - Trying to figure out what to do with this kid.  He had a thing for me and is actually very cute but a couple things I had a problem with. 1: He -JUST- turned 18 and I'm turning 22 on Wednesday. 2: He flat out admits that he likes to hook up with guys just to get some sex and then will dump then when he gets tired of them.  3: He lives in Poway area which is like 25mins from where I live driving so imagine a commute like that on a bus when it takes me 2 hours to go 6 miles to work.  We talk on the phone but I won't meet him in real life yet unless he comes to me and I told him I won't put out even if he does come to me because of what he admitted...  I had to make up a story about having a boyfriend to get him to stop calling me and texting me every 5 minutes (can you say needy?) but we will see... probably nothing will ever come of it though.

Work!......................SUCKS!  Well no shit right?  I mean seriously though.. I do my job very well and I do it very thoroughly and I get reprimanded for taking longer than most people and I'm like "Look... I do my job very well I always get high evaluations from Quality Assurance and I am always getting Kudos and compliments to my supervisor for having such great customer service" but apparently that’s not good enough for them.  They want me to just 'Do my job' and move on.  I'm like you realize people would die to have people like me working for them because they know they won't have to worry about them taking shortcuts or fucking things up and even if they do they know how to fix it.  Whatever... I still would love a job in Computer Repair (Software Related only and so that rules out Geek Squad type of jobs) or PR type of jobs because I love organizing events and taking care of the publicity.  But I can't seem to find a job that would support something like that...in San Diego.

Now for FFXI~~~~~ FINALLY!  I am loving being back.  But first I deleted Tetsou and inherited a character called Melbolt.  Melbolt is a Lv75 Galka Beastmaster.  I took Ninja up on him and am taking it to 75.  Currently at Lv50 and finishing up all the AF quests.  You can check my status on BlueGartr's Wiki (http://wiki.bluegartrls.com/User:Koga) and I will update that all the time since it's fast and easy. My current goals in FFXI:

NIN to 75

Smithing to 100 (He currently has cooking 93 but cooking is boring as shit and the profit is minimal.)  Yea Yea food sells all the time I know but still come on now.... Spend 150k sell for 175k over the course of 3 days.  So every 3 days I make 25k.  If I were to follow this pattern and prices didn't change I would have made ~3,000,000g at the end of 365 days.  I'll take my chances at a -real- skill.

Kikoku!  This time for realz!  I am going to farm and synth my ass off and do nothing else except for LS events/meriting and get Kikoku.

Possibility #1

SAM to 75

Amanomurakumo! (Relic Great Katana)

Yoichinoyumi! (Relic Bow)           These 2 are going to be for the SAM since SAM can use both.

Possibility #2

PLD to 75

Excalibur! (Relic Sword)

Aegis! (Relic Shield)               These 2 are going to be for the PLD since PLD can use both.

I'll post pics of Melbolt and my NIN when I get a day off again 9Aiming for Tuesday-Thursday this week and I can hit 55-56ish NIN.  Been solo'ing mostly of Goblin pets and it was fucking amazing.  Was duo'ing with this JP WHM and I wish I had the SS where said

"('o';) (Experience Points)(Impossible to Gauge!)"

"good skill ninja(*'-')"

I was like... Thank you.  I know.  You should have seen me on Virii ;_;

But I will definitely start posting Screenshots.  I will also try and adjust my schedule so that I can get into Dynamis and Sea at least once a week.

OK, so been working on this update for well over an hour now and I know there are lots of typos because I am typing this in Notepad at work on my split.

I will have pics up by Thursday.


THIS LJ MAY BE MOVING VERY SOON!  I have been donating to BG for a while now and I can get a Word Press Blog hosted on their servers and am expecting the move to happen sometime soon.  I will leave this LJ up forever and leave a link on the Blog.

Reason for switching? Formatting.

Check this link here (http://www.jonwaraas.com/example) to see the template I want to incorporate into the WP Blog.

When the switch does happen I will post anything from this post on into it but everything else stays here.  Melbolt is a new me in FFXI and to commemorate (and since I need a change) I want a new blog.

Sep. 20th, 2007

(no subject)

Never saw this movie in theaters but i should have.  very cute movie  :)  Romance, Comedy and Fashion come together in one.  Three of the best things in life.

Kinky Boots.

Watch it.  Love it. 
Ended the awkward relationship thing with Lukas 2 days ago.  I feel so much better now o.o;;

Sep. 12th, 2007

(no subject)

Is anyone else going to the FFXI Fan Festival this year? I think I am going to go with a few people that I know play FFXI at work.

Also 2 Year Birthday of this LJ is coming up and I am thinking about paying for an account so I can do a custom HTML/CSS layout.  Think its worth it though?

(no subject)

Jordan is his name.
Saw him again on the bus but its a weird distant type of thing...  I can only see him in the morning and it goes by all too fast for me and its weird because its the most bazaar rule I've ever heard of.  Going to ask him out next time I see him because its too weird only being able to see someone in the morning.

Did anyone watch the last season of Flipping Out?  I love it... I wish I could work for him >_>;

Also I try to play WHM but all I get are retarded parties and no exp and I can't solo and yea...  This is where I miss the aspect of WoW that allowed me to solo and play at my own pace.  Thinking of saying screw WHM and only leveling RDM to 37 and BLM to 75 soloing all the way on gob pets.

Sep. 7th, 2007

(no subject)

woooo internet!

So today I am riding the bus to work and at my last transfer there is this boy and I notice him and he notices me and we both just meet eyes, smile and look away... We both get on the bus and he sits in the back but there are no other seats back there so I sit up front, I look behind me at every stop and he is there looking back at me. So finally after people start clearing out I move back to the back of the bus behind him and he sits there pretending to read a book and and he keeps looking at me and then back at his book and then back to me and I keep looking out the window and then back at him and we both smile everytime we meet. Finally he comes to the back row with me and I ask him for a pen, give him my bus pass with my name and number asking him to call me. After some small talk turns we both get off on the same bus stop, he works like just up the street from where I do. Since he works right near the stop and I have to walk another 3/4 mile he asks me if he can walk with me for a bit. I said it was fine and then we get down about a 1/4 of a mile from the main road and he stops and we just look at each other and smile and then he goes in to kiss me and we sit there on the side of the road making out for 10 minutes or so and then we both went to work and omg I so hope he calls me :o
He was so cute... and he likes kissing ^^
Signs that your going to have a good day: See Above.

Posted on BG too lol...
As of right now no call back so I its boo for me ><

Aug. 29th, 2007

(no subject)


Map of Old, New, and Work Address.
Lines showing the routes I take.

Looking back :o

OK, so one of the things I've been asked a lot is when did I know I was gay...
I always tell people that I have just pretty much always known... There was no real start time

It's interesting though.. I'm packing my stuff out of my house and I found a very old journal I kept from 1993 I think I was in third or fourth grade then...

Interesting.... I think the topic was someone important in our lives...
Here is what I wrote:

"The most interesting person I ever met was Matthew.  Mathew likes red and blue like me and we both like his mom apple pie.  The next thing Mathew likes is four-square we play at recess all the time.  Better than all that, Mathew likes me!  Matthew has brown hair and brown eyes and is always nice to me.  I like Matthew too."

My teachers response on the page:
"Bryan, where do you know Matthew from?  Come see me at lunch please"   with a  '~'  face underneath.

I don't remember what ever became of this thing but its interesting looking back....

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